Tennis Australia (TA) has partnered with Victoria University (VU) to offer a great opportunity to work and learn with a national sporting body. The career placement focuses on three key areas:


TA offers players the opportunity to compete in more than 250 Victorian tournaments each year. Students will have the chance to engage in various roles at a range of junior tournaments and events that will enhance their career development and employability.

OFFICIALS TRAINING - 30 Hours (or 4-5 days)

Officials training introduces students to the sport of tennis, rules of the sport and all aspects of being a tennis official, with a specific focus on becoming a court supervisor official at junior events. On completion of this training students will receive a Tennis Australia Officials Membership. *

COACHING COURSE (optional) - 30 Hours (or 4 days)

Students have the option to participate in a community coaching course for the discounted rate of $200, adding even more value to their placement experience. Places are strictly limited. For further details or to register you interest please contact 1800 PLAY TENNIS.

* Subject to meeting TA requirements




Tennis is in a unique situation where games are not only played by, but also umpired by the athletes who are playing/competing against each other.  A goal of TA is to have 'Player Friendly Tournaments' that will provide players with an effective decision making process to ensure that all games are fair and free of conflict of interest. Officials will play a key part in helping to achieve this goal.

The program we propose would be a world first program that seeks to provide a sustainable tournament and officiating package.

TA will:

  • > train, mentor, support and supervise VU students
  • > include a series of these entry level events in their calendar
  • > identify which tournaments will be targeted for the pilot and provide appropriate officiating accreditation to VU Students for them to apply their knowledge and rules in decision making during games
  • > train and grant full authority to VU students to apply the existing rules of tennis